A community-driven token

It acts as the governance token of XcelSwap.The holders of Xceldefi have the right to vote on any development or amendment of XcelSwap and can also submit governance proposals.This makes XLD completely community-driven.

Earn Passive-Income

XcelDefi can be used for passive income by various methods on Xcelswap. Users can earn XcelDefi through Liquidity mining and staking on pools.

Book Hotels and Flights

It can also be used to book hotels and flights from - a decentralized travel ecosystem where 2.3m+ plus hotels and 400+ flights can be booked using various cryptocurrencies.

Adopt your very first crypto

XcelPay Wallet- Xceldefi is used to incentivize all XcelPay Wallet users.The goal of the XcelPay Wallet team is to make cryptocurrencies more accessible. By distributing $XLD, it will help spread awareness and gives everyone a chance to own their very first crypto XLD which can be further be used to buy giftcard and top up mobile phones directly from the wallet.