We're excited to announce our
Community Ambassador Program

Ambassador Program

XcelLab is actively inviting volunteers from all over the world who are willing to contribute to help build a platform like no other. There are a number of benefits that come with applying to be a XcelDefi Ambassador.

If you would like to become our Ambassador, please kindly follow the link below. Our community manager will be in touch with selected Ambassador. We are looking forward to working with you and building an incredible community!

Join Us

How to get involved

Content Creator

Creating and translating XcelLab content. Articles, videos, podcasts, memes, GIFs, graphics

Community Manager

Answer questions, content localization, create educational pieces for the community

Events & Meetups Organizer

Organize, host, and lead local events to create and grow a strong community and be an XcelDefi information hub. Plan rewards for community engagement and contests to keep the community active.

Social Media Broadcaster

Promote XcelDefi on various social media platforms. Spread the word when we have any updates or developments.

Partnership & Collaboration

Reach out to other project to help Xceldefi partner with other Crypto Project


Become the eyes and ears of the XcelDefi community and identify new key requirements and features that the Xcellab core team should be developing and providing.

This list is not limited, and responsibilities of an XcelDefi ambassador can exceed the ones listed here. If you have any ideas or experience successfully promoting a project in different ways, we would love to hear about it!

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